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  • Blog Post Title

    What goes into a blog post? Helpful, industry-specific content that: 1) gives readers a useful takeaway, and 2) shows you’re an industry expert. Use your company’s blog posts to opine on current industry topics, humanize your company, and show how your products and services can help people.

  • First Album Published On BandCamp – Wayout Sounds #37

    This is a big deal for me. Finally, I am a commercial entity! 🙂 Enjoy listening to it for free via the player, or go buy a track or two (five tracks total) or the entire album! 😀 Wayout Sounds #37 by Terry Leigh Britton

  • BCF2000 Mackie (LC) Mode functions for MOTU Digital Performer (tested with DP11.3)

    I’m working on this mapping chart for MOTU Digital Performer and the Behringer BCF2000 controller and could use some help with a few of the items. Where this document currently says “Does Nothing” there almost surely are functions being performed that I simply am not aware of. Capabilities Discovered So Far Level Controls: Volume sliders…

  • Behringer BCF2000 Mixbus 4-8 Mackie Mode (LC) Controller MAPPINGS

    I’m working on this mapping chart for Mixbus and Mixbus 32-C (version 4 & 8) and the Behringer BCF2000 controller and could use some help with a few of the items. I am using the Mackie “Logic” emulation on the BCF2000 on a PC to test this. Just a quick note: When you are changing modes…

  • Repetitive stress injury cured by Dragon NaturallySpeaking

    The result of too much computer work and too much music performance has been a repetitive stress injury in my wrist, causing my thumb, back of hand, and lower forearm to become inflamed with painful muscle spasms. As much as I read on the Internet, even using the wonderful scroll wheel on my Kensington trackball…

  • The Willot Papers

    By Terry Leigh Britton "Ahh, back in the days when a kretna was a kretna, unless you changed it, and that wasn’t very often."

  • How to find a job where they aren’t

    How to find a job that doesn’t exist… (at least, it isn’t visible yet!) Before we get started, I’d like to ask you a few questions, the first of which being: if you apply for a job being advertised in a newspaper or job service or agency, will you be the only person being interviewed…

  • Remote Piano Lessons via Skype, Zoom, or Hangouts-On-Air in “Studio” mode Tutorial

    Here is a somewhat advanced tutorial on how to give remote piano lessons (or any instrument, really) using a virtual instrument (VSTi) ASIO host. I use Cantabile 3 in this video as the  VSTi host, Voicemeeter Pro “Banana” as a virtual mixing board, and I show both how to use Skype and Hangouts-On-Air. A zip…

  • Samplitude Hardware Controller Mapping – Pro X2, Pro X3 & Pro X4

    I am about to make a few videos showing how I set up my Akai MPK249 & MPK225 (I typically use the “MIDI OUT” preset on those – which works the same on an MPK261) and Alesis QX49 controllers, as well as the knobs on my Kawai K5000 additive synth and the sliders and buttons…

  • First One of Terry Leigh Britton’s Blue Juice Jubilee Variety Show!

    This is the FIRST Sunday Evening Edition of my New Variety Show! A variety show. Something awesome you can leave on in the background in place of CNN or Fox News. (Well, there’s really nothing as surreal as Fox News… but I’ll try!) Featuring Music! Readings! Special Guests! Philosophy! Tech-Talk! Q&A! This week will include…

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