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  • Repetitive stress injury cured by Dragon NaturallySpeaking

    The result of too much computer work and too much music performance has been a repetitive stress injury in my wrist, causing my thumb, back of hand, and lower forearm to become inflamed with painful muscle spasms. As much as I read on the Internet, even using the wonderful scroll wheel on my Kensington trackball […]

  • The Willot Papers

    By Terry Leigh Britton "Ahh, back in the days when a kretna was a kretna, unless you changed it, and that wasn’t very often."

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  • 3 Things ExpressionEngine can do that WordPress simply cannot

    I’m a programmer who uses the ExpressionEngine CMS to run some pretty data-intensive websites. Data intensive! WordPress is a great platform, don’t get me wrong. (This page and most of my other personal pages are all WordPress sites.) But if you’ve got data, you want something like ExpressionEngine. Here’s why. If/Then statements. Anywhere on any […]

  • Holiday Showcase of New G+ Hangouts on Air Shows #HangoutProducers

    Enjoy the show! I’ll be announcing a new hangout series I’m starting aimed at educators of all kinds and taking one’s education into entrepreneurial activities. You can find more information and follow the project at or on Google+!

  • My first tape recorders

    I got into recording at a very early age – 10 years old, to be exact! My mom bought my brother and me a “shared” present from the Sears catalog – a reel-to-reel tape deck! Here is a picture of the catalog entry from the 1962 Sears Christmas Catalog of that item, the “Electronic Tape […]

  • Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) not working with Linux or Mac machine? Bridging is the solution!

    I struggled for several hours trying every combination of settings under the sun trying to get my wireless connection to be shared with my Linux box through a wired connection. Windows 7 ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) was simply not working. Even though I could ping the wireless router from the Linux machine, websites simply would […]

  • S.I.M.P.L.E.R. – Success Is Marketing, Planning, Leveraging, Economy and Resources

    Recently, a friend in Elizabeth City, NC and I had several conversations surrounding what could be done to help people struggling to either get a business started or people already in business who were encountering hard times. I was fiddling around with finding an acronym for a “S.C.O.R.E. On Steroids”* kind of organization (my acronym […]

  • Excellent Webcast from Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins

    I really enjoyed this webcast – well, truthfully, because they have validated most of the things I’ve been telling my own clients for about a year now! Please watch this and let me know how you liked the content and ideas! Be sure to view this full screen – the “Full Screen” button is the tiny icon in the lower left corner.

  • The Color Rhyme

    With Lewis Carroll being in my mind, as well as Dr. Seuss, several years ago in 2003, I wrote my little “Color Rhyme” below hoping to assist my students. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share it! (This is the latest version.) The Color Rhyme (Starring Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Green and Blue!) By Terry Leigh Britton

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