First One of Terry Leigh Britton’s Blue Juice Jubilee Variety Show!

This is the FIRST Sunday Evening Edition of my New Variety Show!

A variety show. Something awesome you can leave on in the background in place of CNN or Fox News. (Well, there’s really nothing as surreal as Fox News… but I’ll try!)

Featuring Music! Readings! Special Guests! Philosophy! Tech-Talk! Q&A!

This week will include some beautiful poetry (Including Rose Fyleman’s “Mice”), some live Flute and Keyboard performances, visits with brave friends, some raves on video software used in the show, more Abundance talks and other features.

This is show number One – so watch it for the LIVE TV style flubs, but also to see what is possible live as I take the Open Broadcast Software I am using (http://obsproject.com) through its paces!


See NEXT WEEK’S SHOW on April 5th!


Links shared in the show:


The intro music played live over Electric Sheep visuals:




Poem of the Week: Mice by Rose Fyleman


YouTube Audio Libraries:


Free Background Music of the Week:


Free Sound Effect of the Week:


Sciency Item of the Week:


Public Mindmeister Mindmap of Google Search Tricks and Techniques”


This Week’s Super Abundance Item – HeroX


Deep Dive Philosophy Item of the Week: Where is the Center of the Universe?


Carol Dodson’s article on Notifications:


Where to get High Speed Fiber CHEAP!
(link removed)


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