Category: CSS

  • Positioning Content Precisely using CSS

    In the Headway grid layout system, blocks align at their top margins to sit together in a row – taking advantage of the CSS section-based layout system. This is a very good thing. However, it means that if two items are in close proximity in the grid, but one under another, the lower block item […]

  • 25 Cool Blogger and Web Developer’s Tricks and Tools in Firefox and Chrome

    1 } Press and hold the back or forward buttons in the browser to see a list of pages you’ve been on, then select from that list to jump to a page rather than hitting the back or forward button repeatedly. 2 } F5 reloads/refreshes the page. Much easier than groping for where they’ve moved […]

  • CSS – How To Create Colored Link Website Navigation-Bar WordPress “Breadcrumbs”

    Thanks to WordPress automatically adding new CSS classes of its own to the navigation structure since WP3.0, color-indicated “breadcrumb” navigation is now possible, not only via the navigation bar, but using widget menu links or even links within an article! Dynamic Navigation Link Coloration is easy, now! Here are the new classes we’re getting to […]

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