So many thoughts. So little time.


This is the general blog of Terry Leigh Britton. I’m 65 years old, from Ridgefield, CT, but have lived in Cambridge and Boston, MA, NYC and Saugerties, NY, Jersey City, NJ, and most recently, Durham, NC, Winston-Salem, NC, and (currently) Elizabeth City, NC.

On this blog I will cover many areas of interest to me. I am a retired Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology college professor and – more recently – a web-programmer, so you’ll see some things here related to those sorts of pursuits. I spend most of my time in my current music project, performing live every day on a YouTube stream before an audience, and the recordings are watched later by several more folks. There is a daily theme. There should be a blog post here about it!

I find the Internet Marketing world very interesting, but I am not positioned to be seen as an expert in that area in my writing about it by any means! But meanwhile, I AM an expert in Photoshop, electronic music, sex education (of all things!), computers, and survival, during and while recovering from a serious, life debilitating illness (in my case, hepatits-C). So, I’ll be blogging about those things!

I also wax philosophical often, and love to write to encourage and inform, as well as to kindle and inspire the sense of wonder in people. Story telling is the medium that I’m most familiar with, though I may try some other avenues as well. So, bear with my experimental stages, please!

And if you are a geek, you will understand me perfectly! My “Personal Ad” on a dating site would read: “Nearly Antique Freaky Geek Boy Seeks Freaky Geek Girl. Have a weakness for meekness, but a smart and sleek geek girl would be fine. Let’s get together for a peak geek experience!” I also say some very corny things.

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Enjoy the blog.