Category: Video Production

  • First One of Terry Leigh Britton’s Blue Juice Jubilee Variety Show!

    This is the FIRST Sunday Evening Edition of my New Variety Show! A variety show. Something awesome you can leave on in the background in place of CNN or Fox News. (Well, there’s really nothing as surreal as Fox News… but I’ll try!) Featuring Music! Readings! Special Guests! Philosophy! Tech-Talk! Q&A! This week will include…

  • CamStudio Settings to Keep Audio and Video in Sync

    I just created this video after a bit of trial and error (and research!) that demonstrates how to set up: CamStudio 2.6 Beta (official download link) so that the audio and video stay in synchronization throughout the length of the video. (Or download the Most Stable Camstudio 2.0 release) Getting CamStudio to synchronize the video…

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