Terry’s Photoshop Show #3 – Photoshop LAB Channel Tricks – Color Contrast vs Luminosity Contrast

In this week’s show, we are delving into a very powerful tool in Photoshop’s arsenal – the L*A*B color space and how to use the Curves adjustment layers with it. Much thanks to color master Dan Margulis for alerting the world to the techniques possible using this mode.

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This is the third of a weekly series of Photoshop tutorials that will each focus upon a specific technique.

Upcoming shows will cover the following topics:

*Photoshop LAB Channel Tricks – A/B Channel Masks*
*More Non-Destructive Editing Methods*
*Text on a Path*
*Fonts Taken Into Imagery – Rasterization*
*Combining Mutiple Exposures for HDR effects (High Dynamic Range)*
*Using Camera Raw to create Multiple Exposures for HDR Effects*
*Using the Pen Tool for Selections*
*Repairing and Retouching Photos – Overview*
*Repairing and Retouching Photos – Rebuilding Lost Image Data with What You Have*

If you would like to be on the panel and share any related tricks or insights you have, please contact me before each program. I have room for up to 9 guests on each show.

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