Terry’s Photoshop Show #2 – Non-Destructive Editing, Selections and Masks

Photoshop – Making and Using Masks – part II

This week, first we’ll cover some basics of non-destructive editing, and then we will focus on doing some masks (ways of removing parts of an image), and if I find some images I can use with a curly haired person in them, I’m showing a trick using a brush set to Overlay Blending Mode that does this like nothing else I’ve ever tried.

Here are the two other tutorials I mention that show how to mask complex objects like hair. The first uses a similar technique to what I did with the brush tool in overlay mode:

Masking hair and soft edges with overlay brush. photoshop tutorial
by Eric Schaap 2,266 views

This masking tutorial helps with hair and soft edges using:
a black/white adjustment layer …

The second shows how it can be done in CS5 and afterwards:

by Blue Lightning TV 180,966 views

HD Photoshop CS5 Tutorial showing how to use the Refine Edge, the Refine Radius tool, Edge Detection & the QUICK SELECTION tool!

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