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Terry’s Live Music Show #2 – Melody Challenge

This is the second “Live Composition” conceptual music program, where the challenge this week is on melodies.

I am taking chord patterns and working them against individual notes to see how many melodies I can churn out. Some of these may have already been discovered, but as this is a live experiment, fair use applies as it is for demonstration purposes of one way composition is accomplished, and this all comes into existence as merely a part of a larger conceptual art piece, which ultimately is what this series is. (See first show for explanation.) This is not intended as a musical performance – it is rather a piece of Performance Art.

I call this “Conceptual Music”.

Here is a link to the mind-map used if you’d like to have that:

There will be very little explanation of things in this and following weeks – I’ll jump right into the music, likely with the Electric Sheep screensaver running behind the music for entertainment sake (rather than you all looking at me play – I’ll run a small window of the camera for those who like that, though!) Let me know how you like the format!

Upcoming shows/themes:

*Space Music Deluxe*
*Dissonance Without Being Ugly*
*Scary Spaces With Melodies*
*Scary Spaces Without Melodies*
*Sync Doesn’t Matter Online Jam*
*Sync Does Matter – A Multi-tracking Exercise*
*SATB – Voices Pieced Together*
*Completely Random – Composing As Inspired By Sounds*
*Incompletely Random – Composing Variations On A Theme As Inspired By Sounds*

More shows will be planned for and announced as this concept gains traction. See you there!

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