Terry’s Live Music Show #4 – Dissonance Without Being Ugly

*Terry’s Live Music Show #4 – Dissonance Without Being Ugly*

*Please view/listen in 720p HD mode for the 192kbps audio quality.*

This week the challenge is to produce as much “Pretty” music with dissonance as possible, composed live from the two Korg Wavestations and the Kawai K5000s.

Dissonance is usually associated with painful, annoying or aggravating content in modern “classical” music, but it doesn’t need to be so ugly! I am going to try to prove that during this show by producing as much pretty atonal and dissonant audio content as I can!

See the first show for the conceptual basis for this project. If things get rocky music-wise, just wait a few moments and it will change to something new!

*New Regular Time! 11:30 PM Tuesday nights* (and likely going well into Wednesday morning). The online gamers have not yet taken over by that hour, so we should get a good stream. I’m sending out *a 192-kbps audio stream* out of this, so the audio should be pretty darn good!

I call this “Conceptual Music”. See the first show for a complete explanation.

Here is a link to the mind-map used if you’d like to have that:

Upcoming shows/themes:

*Scary Spaces With Melodies*
*Scary Spaces Without Melodies*
*Sync Doesn’t Matter Online Jam*
*Sync Does Matter – A Multi-tracking Exercise*
*SATB – Voices Pieced Together*
*Completely Random – Composing As Inspired By Sounds*
*Incompletely Random – Composing Variations On A Theme As Inspired By Sounds*

More shows will be planned for and announced as this concept gains traction. See you there!

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