Tag: color theory

  • The Color Rhyme

    With Lewis Carroll being in my mind, as well as Dr. Seuss, several years ago in 2003, I wrote my little “Color Rhyme” below hoping to assist my students. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share it! (This is the latest version.) The Color Rhyme (Starring Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Green and…

  • Fundamentals of Light, and the Photoshop L*a*b Color Space

    Way back in 2005, rutt posted the best summation of how colors work as light I’ve ever seen, at DigitalGrin.com. Rather than force you over there to read that post, I am replicating it right here, as it required a few edits for clarity. “In order to understand the relationship of LAB, RGB, and CMYK,…

  • Some Color Theory and Photoshop LAB mode – Warm-up for Full Article

    This is an open-letter to a co-worker that I thought might make a nice warm-up to the full-blown Color Science and Photoshop LAB Mode article that is upcoming. Enjoy and watch for the article! (Join the newsletter to be notified when I release those big things – this Color Theory one as well as an…

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