I’m a code-head, what can I say. I love code. Code is poetry, as they say at WordPress. I love passing along my understanding of things when I can and helping others out the way so many have helped me. I think that is one of the things – besides the joy of working out the puzzles – that coders like doing this for. You may never meet the person who helps you, but there it is: they did something to help you! It feels good!

I hope I can make some people feel at least better about their understanding of code – then when it works, they’ll feel good, too!

I’m starting out with a few articles and videos on CSS coding, highlighting WordPress in some, but demonstrating good, general techniques in all, so even if you don’t use WordPress, you’ll likely benefit from watching them.

I like to include a bunch of tricks and tips for bloggers and web developers alike as I discover them along the way that will speed up their use of their browsers and other tools and even give them some new tools to use that are seriously helpful. So, keep watching this space for those kinds of features as well.

There will be a few reviews and comparisons of tools and WordPress developer-oriented themes here, added as I find time. I’m impressed by Headway enough to have become an affiilate, but I also like the twenty-eleven theme, suffusion, and several others.

I hope this will become a valuable resource for many who visit here, and a part of their exciting journey of discovery and creativity! Get in touch if you like – I’m always open to conversation!


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