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  • Terry’s Color-to-B&W Converter Photoshop Action “Pick Six”

    This was inspired by a friend’s need to convert several color photographs to black and white for printing in their non-profit organization’s plain-paper newsletter, and also by the excellent book Mastering Black and White Digital Photography by Michael Freeman. (ISBN 1-57990-707-5). Below I’ve included the download link for the fr’ee “Color-To-B&W Pick Six” action that…

  • HutchColor offers great desktop background for Photoshop

    I’ve used this desktop background for years! Over at http://www.hutchcolor.com/Images_and_targets.html, they’ve given public access to download many of their print-specific and monitor calibration-specific targets, images and tools. One that is a standout is their desktop background, called “CMS 30 128.JPG” (36 K – RGB) (I cannot simply provide a link to the image download due…

  • Black and White discussion at Dgrin turns up nice PS action!

    So… I’m reading this great tutorial by rutt over at Dgrin (Digital Grin, folks!) called “B&W Conversion Workflow“, and I’m reading through it and see he has included a little Photoshop Action set. As rutt puts it: “I have an action which aides to to getting to this point. Pick it up here.” Brief and…

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