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BCF2000 Mackie (LC) Mode functions for MOTU Digital Performer (tested with DP9.53)

I’m working on this mapping chart for MOTU Digital Performer and the Behringer BCF2000 controller and could use some help with a few of the items. Where this document currently says “Does Nothing” there almost surely are functions being performed that I simply am not aware of. Capabilities Discovered So Far Level Controls: Volume sliders… Continue Reading

Behringer BCF2000 Mixbus 4 Mackie Mode (LC) Controller MAPPINGS

I’m working on this mapping chart for Mixbus and Mixbus 32-C (version 4) and the Behringer BCF2000 controller and could use some help with a few of the items. I am using the Mackie “Logic” emulation on the BCF2000 on a PC to test this.┬áJust a quick note: When you are changing modes into Logic… Continue Reading

Voicemeeter Upcoming Video Topics

I will soon be making some short videos that each cover a specific aspect of Voicemeeter. Voicemeeter is a complex piece of software, comprised of many individual elements which each warrant their own separate explanation. The following are the topics I think are important. For instance, a video on strip one and the other hardware… Continue Reading

Remote Piano Lessons via Skype or (preferably) Hangouts-On-Air in “Studio” mode Tutorial

Here is a somewhat advanced tutorial on how to give remote piano lessons (or any instrument, really) using a virtual instrument (VSTi) ASIO host. I use Cantabile 3 in this video as the ┬áVSTi host, Voicemeeter Pro “Banana” as a virtual mixing board, and I show both how to use Skype and Hangouts-On-Air. A zip… Continue Reading

Samplitude Hardware Controller Mapping – Pro X2 & Pro X3

I am about to make a video showing how I set up my Akai MPK249 and Alesis QX49 controllers, as well as the knobs on my Kawai K5000 additive synth and the sliders and buttons on my Peavey PC1600x controller box to control various settings in both the mixer and within plugins.   Before I… Continue Reading