Getting SOUNDBLASTER 32 and AWE to run in Windows 95


For the latest drivers,

Go here:


and get

sbbasic.exe for the dos drivers

sbw95up.exe for the windows95 drivers and

awecp95.exe for the new win95 control panel

these are the latest sets! (as of 2/10/97, that is...)

To unpack the archives, click on the START button and select RUN, then enter


where FILENAME.EXE is the name of the above installer archive. It's a good idea to have placed each archive in its own folder first, as it will be unpacked wherever it is sitting. (Did you know that you can simply drag the filename/icon into the RUN dialog box, and the whole path will be spelled out for you?) :-)

IMPORTANT: go first to your win95\system directory and delete all sb*.* and wfm*.* files EN-MASSE (or you can move these to a temp- safety directory). Then remove the cspman.dll . Now, go to the win95\inf directory (which may be hidden, but see-able in explorer) and move *.bin out of there, which will force win95 to re-build the driver directories (this is a good thing!) :-) Now run your new driver installers, and all will be well with you!

Install the sbw95up.exe and awecp95.exe first, followed by the sbbasic.exe last (as the very latest are the drivers in the sbbasic.exe package, so if there are any replacements happening, you want them to be from this one.)

Also available is this list of items from this directory, but there are more directories elsewhere (this is a copy of the index.txt file):

/pub/creative/drivers/sb16awe: (as of 2/10/97)

awe32a.exe 950222 Real & Protected Mode Miles drivers 2.1. AWE-JMD-01-ENG

awe64pat.exe 970124 AWE64 Win3.1 Install patch for Intel CPUs. 64CD-31STA-1-US

aweail.lst 950320 Latest (20 MAR 95) list of Miles driver games

*awecp95.exe 960614 AWE Control Panel v2.05 for Win95. AWCP-95UPD-1-US

awedw3up.exe 960627 AWE32 Win3.1&DOS Drvrs. Get s16dw3up first! UPD-STD-03(Rev1)

awefaq.exe 950130 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about AWE32 (1/30/95)

awelist.exe 950726 Listing of games supporting the SB AWE32 card.

awent40.exe 970115 SB16/AWE32/64 Drvrs for WinNT4.0 ONLY. SDR-NTDRV-1-US(Rev1)

awentpnp.exe 960619 SB16/AWE32 & PnP drvrs for WinNT 3.5. AWEO-NTSTD-1-US (Rev3)

aweos2.exe 960722 SB16/AWE drivers for OS/2 Warp. AWEO-O2STD-1-US (Rev 1)

cspu.exe 941230 Advanced Signal Processing upgrade (CSP.SYS v1.13)

ctefct.exe 940913 Latest CTEFFECT.DRV v1.01 for SB16 with CSP chip

ez30up.exe 940627 Updates EZ-SCSI from version 1.x or 2.x to version 3.0

ntawe32.exe 950524 WinNT3.5 AWE32 ControlPanel & Drvr (use -d) AWCP-NT-01-ENG

s16dw3up.exe 960627 SB16 Win3.1&DOS Drvrs. Incl Full Duplex. UPD-STD-03 (Rev 1)

*sbbasic.exe 961105 SB16/SB32/AWE32 Basic Disk for Win 3.x. SDR-31STD-1-US.

sblw.exe 940627 LinkWay driver for OS/2 sbmmpm.exe 940627 MMPM Drivers for OS/2 v2.0

sbpmid.exe 940627 OPL-2 and OPL-3 FM Drivers for Win-OS/2

*sbw95up.exe 970213 New SB16/AWE32/64 FullDup Win95 Drvrs. SDR-95UPD-1-US(Rev8)

upg303.exe 941103 Updates EZ-SCSI from v3.0x to v3.03 (ASPICD.SYS v3.13)

upg310.exe 950203 Updates EZ-SCSI from v3.0x to v3.10. NOT for CDR-74/-84

vib16os2.exe 950410 OS/2 drivers for SBs w/Vibra16 chip ONLY! V16D-OS2-01-ENG

wb2faq.exe 950309 Frequently Asked Questions about Wave Blaster II

wswgupd.exe 970203 AWE64 WaveSynth Driver Update for Win95. WSWG-95UPD-1-US.

Hope this proves helpful.