MP3 and Hard drive recording Clicks and Pops
 Sunday, 08-Aug-1999 01:48:17 writes:

      This is off topic, unless of course you've been trying to make MP3 or hard disk recordings and have been plagued by clicks and

      A friend of mine recently explained to me that clicks and pops in MP3 and hard disk
      recordings in general can very often be blamed on a recent "trick" many/most video
      cards employ to get better bench marks. One way around this problem is to right
      click on the My Computer icon, selecting Properties, and then choose the
      Performance tab. From there, pressing the Graphics button will show a slider
      selecting the degree of hardware graphics acceleration. Choosing "No Acceleration"
      (at least during recordings) can often eliminate the clicks and pops. On some
      machines, also disabling Virtual Memory entirely (at least during recordings) goes a
      long way in improving audio performance. One last trick is to go in the same area to
      the File System button, and select Mobile or Docking Computer as your computer
      type. This selection optimizes your systems resources for audio processing. All of
      these optimize your system in the same way, removing the "typical user" emphasis
      on graphics and database retrieval prioritization. You can return to the prior settings
      for games and graphics programs, burning CDs, etc. when you're done recording. Of course, you
      must restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

      Sonorus Studios complies with this information. See their pages:

When burning your CD's, return to 'Desktop Computer' (or 'Network Server' if you have lots of memory & large hard drives), and make sure your Virtual Memory is on a freshly defragmented drive with lots of space (at least 100 megs in my experience). It is best to defrag the drive where Virtual Memory will be placed BEFORE placing it there! Switch Virtual Memory to another drive and restart, defrag, switch VM to the defragged drive, and restart again. This avoids having fragmented Virtual Memory -- the last thing you want fragmented!