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Of course, you'll want to be reading the
K5000 Tips and Techniques,
won't you?

Here are some Kawai K5000 related links:

Jens Groh's Morphing Tutorial
Jens Groh's K5000 Stuff page
Greg Waltzer's Arpeggiator Tutorial
K5K presets for the Peavey 1600x slider bank
K5K Empty Banks
(load into Multi and banks A & D, etc. to clear memory safely
- always leave at least one patch per bank, as this does
- to ensure memory managment integrity.) See  here
SExWin99.zip Great Sysex Dump utility from Jack Deckard

KAWAI ZONE ala Synth Zone
Kawai in Japan
Kawai America
Kawai in Europe
Fourier Synthesis

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