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Monthly Archives: November 2013

How to get ChrUbuntu and Crouton working together at the same time on a Chromebook

So, lately I’ve been doing checks on both ChrUbuntu AND crouton installations, and had to figure out how to have them both work together. So, here is the step-by-step, though I send you to some other locations to get the full installation instructions for those two. 1) Save anything you need to have backed up… Continue Reading

Create Shortcut Aliases to Easily Switch Between Chrome OS and ChrUbuntu Linux on a Chromebook

After completing these steps you will be able to switch to ChrUbuntu from Chrome OS by simply entering the command ubuntu in the terminal. You will be able to switch to Chrome OS from ChrUbuntu by entering the command chromeos in the terminal. 1. Install ChrUbuntu using the instructions here or at the one script… Continue Reading